Docker compose plex

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Docker compose plex

Supercharged Docker with Docker Compose

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Running a Plex Server in a Docker Container

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Save preferences. Only for validation, redirect all http traffic to https in config. Still requires user to be added. See github for more details.This is where we can discuss and help each other out with running Plex Media Server in the official Docker images. We are really happy to finally have this checked off of our bucket list and be able to share it with all our passionate Linux users.

What is Docker Docker is a world leading containerization platform that allows any platform that runs the docker engine to run pre-built images running software. Alternatively, you can read up on docker-compose and use the provided docker-compse template to handle your configuration for easy upgrades. More info can be found in the ReadMe from the repo. If you made it past the above steps congratulations on running Plex Media Server in your own Docker container.

Making Your Own Home Media Server With Plex And Docker-Compose

If you came across any obstacles or challenges that you need assistance with please post in this forum and we will work on getting your setup sorted out. Should be added in this forum also. Tag them with Feature Request and we will have a discussion about it.

Also, you might want to try the linuxserver. TIA, also this thread seemed relavant in the search but its not very active, if some one knows a better place to ask this I am open to it. Thanks for creating the docker image. I had a hard time getting the hardware transcoding to work but that is working now.

Is this a bug? Also there is no need to run this docker container with elevated permissions this way.

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The only thing you need is to add these lines below to your plex. First of all thanks to plex and linuxserver. Meaning not reinstalling everything when you want to upgrade server with a clean install. I do get the server running as I can access it from m. The problem is, that it asks me to sign in and do all the basic config and servernaming etc. I did read the Migration Page. Since I am mapping the You might want to start with a plex container first instead of creating a full solution in one go.

So let it recreate it…but good part about it after that is done its very portable in containers. Thank your for your answer. Well, I have a 10GB library. I loose all the data if I cannot get the library working… Do know if there is one or if this is a hopless undertaking. So not an ideal situation but you can make it work. As per your media paths, you should setup as many mounts as necessary to get your media to have the same paths as you had before putting into docker.

Thanks for your time.For those looking to get into hosting your own content at home, there is no better place to get started. Creating your own home media server is easy, fun, and a great learning exercise. If you are familiar with Plex, you can skip down below where we get started with the install.

If you are new to home media servers, take a chance to see quickly why we are choosing Plex. Plex Media Server is a media organization and streaming server software you can install on any operating system.

This incredibly easy to use software allows you to simply connect hard drives full of movies, tv shows, and music and then organize and display it in your web browser or from an app anywhere, including smart TVs. You can even share your content with as many people as you like, assuming your home server and bandwidth can handle it.

docker compose plex

There are a lot of alternative streaming servers out there you could choose besides Plex, you may even prefer them but I have found Plex to be the best overall, with the most features. I would make the argument that the premium version of Plex, Plex Pass, is generally not needed by the large majority of users.

The biggest competitor to Plex is also open source. Emby also has its own premium subscription that is on par price-wise as Plex.

Though, some of the features such as access to podcasts or the ability to stream to a TV, are features that are free on Plex already.

However, Jellyfin as well as Emby which Jellyfin is based on share a lot of common complaints with bugs in the app to plain sluggishness. Jellyfin is something I plan on testing soon however, and maybe you should too! These are truly the only competition in existence. Some may try to honorable mention Kodi, but Kodi is not a media server.

docker compose plex

Kodi is a media center, just not a media server. Kodi works well to display local media but was not designed to allow you to watch that media anywhere. This might be ok for your living room couch, but you are going to go through the trouble anyway, why not get the ability to stream?

As mentioned in the title we are going to be using Docker as well as Docker compose on a Linux based server environment.For my OS, I'll be running Ubuntu For steps on installing Docker on Ubuntu The team at LinuxServer. For an overview of Docker Compose, please refer to the Docker docs. Looking at the compose configuration provided by the LinuxServer. Looking at the "volumes" section, andything before the ":" is a path on the host machine and anything after the ":" is a path on the container:.

Under "Libraries" select "Add Library" and select both the movies and tvshows directories we created on the container:. Once done, select the " Stay up to date!

docker compose plex

Installing Docker For steps on installing Docker on Ubuntu Update your list of packages: sudo apt update Install Docker Compose: sudo apt install docker-compose Checking Out the Plex Compose Config Looking at the compose configuration provided by the LinuxServer. Associating Media Directories Under "Libraries" select "Add Library" and select both the movies and tvshows directories we created on the container: Once done, select the " That's it! Check your inbox and click the link to confirm your subscription.Docker Compose relies on Docker Engine for any meaningful work, so make sure you have Docker Engine installed either locally or remote, depending on your setup.

On desktop systems like Docker Desktop for Mac and Windows, Docker Compose is included as part of those desktop installs.

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On Linux systems, first install the Docker Engine for your OS as described on the Get Docker page, then come back here for instructions on installing Compose on Linux systems. To run Compose as a non-root user, see Manage Docker as a non-root user. Follow the instructions below to install Compose on Mac, Windows, Windows Serveror Linux systems, or find out about alternatives like using the pip Python package manager or installing Compose as a container.

docker compose plex

The instructions below outline installation of the current stable release v1. To install a different version of Compose, replace the given release number with the one that you want. Compose releases are also listed and available for direct download on the Compose repository release page on GitHub.

To install a pre-release of Compose, refer to the install pre-release builds section. Docker Desktop for Mac and Docker Toolbox already include Compose along with other Docker apps, so Mac users do not need to install Compose separately. Docker install instructions for these are here:. Docker Desktop for Windows and Docker Toolbox already include Compose along with other Docker apps, so most Windows users do not need to install Compose separately.

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If you are running the Docker daemon and client directly on Microsoft Windows Server, follow the instructions in the Windows Server tab.

Follow these instructions if you are running the Docker daemon and client directly on Microsoft Windows Server and want to install Docker Compose. Search for PowerShell, right-click, and choose Run as administrator.

Plex GPU Transcoding in Docker on Debian 10

When asked if you want to allow this app to make changes to your device, click Yes. Because this directory is registered in the system PATHyou can run the docker-compose --version command on the subsequent step with no additional configuration.

Follow the instructions from the link, which involve running the curl command in your terminal to download the binaries. These step-by-step instructions are also included below. For alpinethe following dependency packages are needed: py-pippython-devlibffi-devopenssl-devgcclibc-devand make. To install a different version of Compose, substitute 1. If you have problems installing with curlsee Alternative Install Options tab above. Note : If the command docker-compose fails after installation, check your path.

Optionally, install command completion for the bash and zsh shell. Compose can be installed from pypi using pip. If you install using pipwe recommend that you use a virtualenv because many operating systems have python system packages that conflict with docker-compose dependencies.

Install Docker Compose

See the virtualenv tutorial to get started. Compose can also be run inside a container, from a small bash script wrapper. To install compose as a container run this command:.

Follow the instructions from the link, which involves running the curl command in your terminal to download the binaries. Pre-release builds allow you to try out new features before they are released, but may be less stable. This is because, as of version 1.

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If you want to keep using your existing containers for example, because they have data volumes you want to preserveyou can use Compose 1. Compose just creates new ones.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. With our easy-to-install Plex Media Server software and your Plex apps, available on all your favorite phones, tablets, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and smart TVs, you can stream your video, music, and photo collections any time, anywhere, to any device.

Before you create your container, you must decide on the type of networking you wish to use. There are essentially three types of networking available:. The bridge networking creates an entirely new network within the host and runs containers within there. This network is connected to the physical network via an internal router and docker configures this router to forward certain ports through to the containers within. The host networking uses the IP address of the host running docker such that a container's networking appears to be the host rather than separate.

The macvlan networking creates a new virtual computer on the network which is the container. For purposes of setting up a plex container, the host and macvlan are very similar in configuration.

Using host or macvlan is the easier of the three setups and has the fewest issues that need to be worked around. However, some setups may be restricted to only running in the bridge mode.

Plex can be made to work in this mode, but it is more complicated. For those who use docker-compose, this repository provides the necessary YML template files to be modified for your own use. The following are the recommended parameters. Each of the following parameters to the container are treated as first-run parameters only.

That is, all other parameters are ignored on subsequent runs of the server.

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We recommend that you set the following parameters:. These parameters are usually not required but some special setups may benefit from their use. As in the previous section, each is treated as first-run parameters only:. Permissions of mounted media outside the container do apply to the Plex Media Server running within the container. As stated above, the Plex Media Server runs as a specially created plex user within the container. If you wish for the Plex Media Server to run under the same permissions as your own user, execute the following to find out these ids:.

In addition to the standard version and latest tags, two other tags exist: beta and public. These two images behave differently than your typical containers. These two images do not have any Plex Media Server binary installed. Instead, when these containers are run, they will perform an update check and fetch the latest version, install it, and then continue execution.

They also run the update check whenever the container is restarted. To update the version in the container, simply stop the container and start container again when you have a network connection. The startup script will automatically fetch the appropriate version and install it before starting the Plex Media Server.

The public restricts this check to public versions only where as beta will fetch beta versions. If the server is not logged in or you do not have Plex Pass on your account, the beta tagged images will be restricted to publicly available versions only. If you get the following output after you have started the container, then this is due to a patched version of Docker With Docker Firstly, we'll install the latest nvidia drivers for Debian buster.

If you're on stretch or earlier, you will have to install the nvidia drivers manually. Once you got that done you will have to restart to not have the nouveau get in the way, then once you're back up you should be able to run nvidia-smi and see your GPU.

Now onto nvidia and Docker. Install Docker if you haven't and then we'll add the nvidia-docker gpg key and apt repository. Next step is to add the --gpus all see usage here to your Plex container. Note that docker-compose does not have support for GPUs yet so you will have to do this with docker run for your container. For example, my plex is launched with a command similar to this:. Now start watching something and make sure it's transcoding.

You should then be able to check nvidia-smi and see the process and mostly memory usage. You should see something like this:. As you can see, 4K streams are quite memory intensive. They are 4x a p stream which is 4x a p stream. GPU transcoding is primarily memory limited.

Secondarily limited by number of streams: consumer cards are limited to 2 by nVidia. There is a patch to remove that limit though. Thirdly, you're limited by the nvenc and nvdec FPS limit. This website has lots of information comparing various GPUs and their transcoding performance. If you don't see Plex in there, you'll want to look at Plex Media Server. In my case I had 2 error messages: Cannot load libnvidia-encode. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Close Menu. A Volatile Uncorr. Enjoy your sweet GPU transcoding! Tags debiandockergpuplexsysadmin. I will definitely try this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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